The test of Ceylon

Premium Quality Spices from
Sri Lanka

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Highest Quality
Cinnamon Products
Whole Cloves
Black Pepper
Curry Leaves
Butterfly Pea Flowers
Ethically Sourced

Sourced from small-scale farmers across the island and purchased with fair trade practices.

Organically Produced

Farmers practice organic farming methods to maintain the quality of their harvests.

Sustainably Managed

Farming that meets present food needs without compromising the quality of arable land

Who we are?

We are the young introducers of Ceylon taste to the world from Sri Lanka. In 2021 we have put our first step with Ceylon spices, Ceylon herbals, and Ceylon handicrafts removing existing traditional issues in the market. At Ceylonies Spices (PVT) Ltd, We always try to give you something unique with a combination of creative ideas and new technology.

Featured Products

Premium Quality Spices from Sri Lanka

The Difference

We always ensure that the quality of our products are natural or organic. Our products are all handmade / manmade and don’t have any artificial chemicals to add flavor or added preservatives; we believe in keeping it all natural.

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